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Make your own Ice lantern

December 20, 2013 0 Comments

Making your own ice lantern is an easy way to bring light and magic into cold and dark winter nights. I like mine with cranberries, twigs, leaves and other beautiful objects I find in the yard and around the house.


I borrowed this beautiful image from Songbird until my own ice lantern freezes - after a cold spell we are currently in the high 40s, way too mild for my ice lantern! 

Start with a mold - your bunt cake form, a bucket, a water bottle - and get your ingredients ready. I use fresh Cranberries.


Here we start with a bunt form and fresh cranberries.



Add the cranberries to the mold and fill the mold with water.



Put your composition outside to freeze!




Once frozen solid, turn it over to reveal the beautiful ice lantern, place a candle in its middle and enjoy!

Since the temperatures in Maplewood jumped from below freezing to upper 40s, I cannot show you my frozen ice lantern yet. So let me show you some beautiful examples I found on Pinterest.


As soon as the temperatures drop again and my ice lantern freezes I will share images! Until then, happy hunting and gathering for your own ice lantern.
Enjoy the Season!


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