Why is a NOYO headboard artistic, personal and unique?

Our headboards let you incorporate art into your bedroom. It’s simple: Just choose your headboard size and then select a SlipArt™ cover from the gallery of artwork collections, carefully selected by NOYO and curated by featured artists.

What are sizes of headboard?
Headboard is 35 inches (87.5cm) high and comes in standard mattress widths: 40 inches (100cm) for Single, 52 inches (130cm) for Double, 64 inches (160cm) for Queen and 76 inches (190cm) for King.

NOYO headboards consists of the following:

1. A headboard frame

2. A quilted pad to stretch over wooden frame

3. SlipArt™ cover

4. Wall brackets and hardware

1. Frame is made of high quality cedar wood. Light, strong, beautiful!
  • Luan Mahogany face provides a strong surface to lean and recline against
  • Frame assembles easily with Allen Screws™ and Allen Key™:

            o  Perfect alignment due to contained bolt which receives Allen Screw™

            o  Frame assembly can be done single handedly by one person

            o  Frame assembles easily with only an Allen Key™, no power tools needed

  • Frame floats on wall as its dowels on back of frame slide over wall-brackets. Frame can be moved horizontally into right position, where it sits firm and solid.

2. Quilted Cotton Poly Pad gives frame a fluff look, a soft touch and comfortable feel to recline against.

  • Pad is made of white quilted poly/cotton -similar to mattress covers-and is hypoallergenic.
  • Pad is washable and will not shrink or lose its shape and fit.
3. SlipArt™Slipcover is made of hardwearing Poly fiber cloth fabric
  • It has the look and feel of Linen/Rayon.
  • Slipcover is soft to the touch as ink is fully absorbed by fibers and does not “sit on top of fibers”.
  • Slipcover is washable and will not fade, discolor, shrink or lose its shape and fit.
  • Poly fiber cloth fabric is naturally flame retardant.

4. Wallbrackets are hand-crafted of solid cedar. They mount easily on a wall by placing only 2 screws each. QualityHardware suitable for most wall types are provided:

  • For drywall and plaster walls: 4 SnapToggle™ screws
  • For most walls: Wood screws mount into your wall studs 

Are SlipArt™ slipcovers environmentally safe?

SlipArt™ slipcovers are printed with state of the art technology and ink. Prints done on cloth fabric via Dye Sublimation process: results in clean, bright, beautiful colors and is an environmentally friendly process. Clean, dry transfer of the design without chemical, ink and water residue.

Inks used are water based, environmentally friendly as they contain no heavy metals or solvents. No special waste permits are necessary for this printing process. Water based inks leave no chemical smell to the printed cloth.

Inks are produced locally in –house and left over ink is recycled into other inks, such as black.

Process produces no make-ready waste or loss of material as in conventional ink on paper printing.

Do I need a new bed?

NOYO headboards do not require you to buy a new bed.

NOYO headboards mount on a wall independent of your existing bed frame. The headboard can be mounted with no damage/alteration to your existing bed frame.

The NOYO headboard mounts to the wall with two included wall-brackets. Simply mount the brackets and slide the headboard into place above the bed. Done!

What if I want to eventually buy a bigger bed. Can I still use the NOYO headboard?

Yes! NOYO headboards are designed to be sized up and down. Need a larger size headboard? Just insert an additional module for verysize you want to go up and voila! You can go from Single bed to Double to Queen to King. Additional modules can be ordered separately at any time, check it out under Accessories!

What’s the headboard frame made of?

High quality cedar wood with beautiful finish for a strong, yet light frame. A Twin size NOYO frame weighs less than 12 lbs, easy to carry and move!

The headboard ships in pre-assembled modules, making it simple to store and lowering shipping costs. It assembles in minutes with only a few screws to place.

Where are NOYO headboard frames and covers manufactured?

Designed, produced and made proudly in New Jersey! Made in the USA!

Can I use my own digital pictures?

You can! We do custom prints of your favorite images as long as they are crisp enough for large size printing, we like working with 300dpi, which is more than your average cell phone shot. It may take a few days until we have your "good for print" and there is an additional $100 for the custom print. Contact us at astrid@noyohome.com to get started! 

Do I need an account to place an order?

No. You can place an order from our website without creating a NOYO account. You will need to fill in your billing and shipping details to complete the order but these details will not be stored.

Where does NOYO ship to?

We offer FedEx Ground shipping in the US for a flat fee of $50 for headboards and free shipping for SlipArt™ slipcovers.

We ship international to Canada ($100 HeadBoard HB/$30 SlipArt), Japan($150 HB/$50 SA) Australia($200 HB/$50 SA) and Israel ($200 HB/$50 SA), as well as many countries in Europe ($170 HB/$50 SA): Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. I your country is not listed, just holler and we will look into most favorable shipping rates for you. Please contact us at noyo@noyohome.com



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